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Are you a self-confessed word nerd? Transform your passion for words into much-needed support for children’s literacy by buying a word today!

Own a Word is an Ardoch Youth Foundation initiative designed to enable Australians to stake their claim on language by ‘owning’ the words of their choice. Thanks to our dictionary partner, Macquarie Dictionary, you can purchase a word via Own a Word as a gift for yourself or your family and friends to support childhood literacy. Funds raised will help Ardoch Youth Foundation provide support for childhood literacy and language development in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged communities.

Own a Word has been adapted with permission from UK-based children’s charity, I CAN, who created the highly successful ‘Adopt a Word’ campaign.

The Importance of Children’s Literacy

Whether it’s reading or writing, literacy is a fundamental building block for education.

Research shows that the reading gap between the lowest socio-economic (SES) students and the highest SES students is equal to almost three years of schooling. This reading gap usually starts early in life and progressively gets worse if there are no intervention programs available.