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Ardoch Youth Foundation is a charity providing education support for children and young people experiencing disadvantage.

Ardoch’s vision is that every child’s and young person’s potential is realised through full participation in education. Ardoch works with schools and early years services across Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia to address barriers to education, develop the basic foundations of learning and broaden horizons for children and young people.

How Ardoch Programs Support Literacy

  • ‘Play, Learn, Read’ and ‘Talking the Talk’ provide support for pre-school children at early years services in disadvantaged areas, with a particular focus on developing children’s early literacy, oral language and socialisation skills.
  • Literacy Buddies® is a highly successful letter writing program in which a class of students (approximately 25 ‘Little Buddies’) and their corporate volunteer ‘Big Buddies’ exchange letters over the course of a school year. The goal of Literacy Buddies® is to encourage students to read and write for a purpose, and provide meaningful interactions with positive working adult role models.
  • ‘Education Volunteers’ mobilises trained volunteers to support literacy and language development in schools, through individual or small group reading and writing activities that teachers are often unable to provide themselves.

For more information about Ardoch please visit www.ardoch.org.au and sign up for our newsletter below.


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